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Interview with Russian female heavy-metal band Volnaya Staya 30.07.2014

Interview with Russian female heavy-metal band Volnaya Staya
for Stage 1 Magazine
Ksenia lead vocals
Natalia Terekhova guitar
Marina Mokretsova guitar
Marina Malakhova bass
Svetlana Molchanova drums

1. How did you meet Alexey Strike and why did he choose you? You share the same influences, dreams?

Marina Malakhova: I was recommended to Alexey by our ex-guitarist, the level of my playing was enough suitable for Alexey. Concerning musical tastes they really turned very similar for us.
Marina Mokretsova: I have joined already existing band and so our acquaintance happened directly at the audition.
Svetlana Molchanova: Alexey knew me by my working in other projects, so we were acquainted without seeing.
Natalia Terekhova: Alexey also already knew me by other projects, and he has direct offered me the collaboration.

2. What does it mean to play in this band to you?

Ksenia: Singing such in this band and such with these girls is luxury pleasure for me! It's very easy and interesting for us to work together.
Marina Malakhova: I love the music, I love the musicians and I love to kick asses.
Marina Mokretsova: For me it means a lot! Can't imagine what can give more bright and positive emotions than the concerts. It's a source of the energy, and probably there are no analogues to it.
Svetlana Molchanova: I like to play in this line-up.
Natalia Terekhova: I like music, excellent band!

3. What are your most memorable moments in the band? Biggest shows and biggest achievement?

Ksenia: There are more than enough bright and remained moments in our work)))!!! Usually we recollect its in the dressing room before gig. And we go to the stage in an excellent mood.
Marina Malakhova: The most vivid moments of course, tours, new places, new people, and new emotions that's all always madly interesting.
Marina Mokretsova: There were lot curious cases during the history of the band Concerning the marketing successes of the band probably in the near future we are expecting exactly one of the most serious concerts performance at 23.02.14 in Olimpiyskiy stadium, so to speak.
Svetlana Molchanova: Festival in Vilnius and trip to Tyumen, to the First Bike-Festival.
Natalia Terekhova: There was lot of events. Of course, tours remain in the memory. Any curious and funny cases can happen only then.

4. What are your current plans for the new year?

Marina Malakhova: To keep on rockin'!
Marina Mokretsova: Concerts!
Svetlana Molchanova: My plans are always changing. Maybe I will go to the warm countries for a while, or maybe something else will happen.
Natalia Terekhova: We are unpredictable and unexpected!

5. You are working on a new album? What will this be about? Who will do the writing and will it be in works with Alexey like the first album? How will it be different? What is his goal for the band?

Svetlana Molchanova
: These questions are rather to Alexey Strike, as the author of the songs. I think, musical material will be livelier, but time will show.

6. What does it take to be a member of this band? (in addition to being a woman, and a musician?)

Marina Malakhova: The first years, when we just started, we've had a good laugh when we read everywhere that we are the lovers of some oligarchs, that we play by the phonogram people for some reason couldn't believe that girls can play hard rock live, although personally for me it's incomprehensible what's supernatural in this?
Marina Mokretsova: It's great to play in female band there is more mutual understanding in my opinion. In addition the specificity of female band as such attracts more audience, because this occurrence is not prevalent in our musical segment.
Svetlana Molchanova: To be the member of Volnaya Staya band is very great and agreeably. As line-up is female, you don't feel a discomfort, everybody understand and support you.

7. Do you get a lot of attention in your country?

Svetlana Molchanova: I don't complain about attention of the fans, everything suits me in this plan.
Natalia Terekhova: Sometimes, when attention of the fans oversteps the limits then police interfere. Unfortunately, not all fans are sane. But, to our joy basic mass of our audience is quite sane. We are friends with many fans.

8. What makes girls like you rock so hard?

Marina Malakhova: Maybe because we are not so saint and nice?
Marina Mokretsova: We are not so nice.
Svetlana Molchanova: So happened that I started my career exactly with rock music, but, as the fate willed, I had to work in pop-music, so I have what to compare.

9. Do you get more attention from the women or men?

Marina Malakhova: Unambiguously from men.
Marina Mokretsova: From men, but only because more men among the fans of hard music.
Svetlana Molchanova: Because our band is female nevertheless, then, in my opinion, from men.

10. What can people expect from a live show/performance?

Marina Mokretsova: Frenzy, rockenrol, full return and the sea of energy!
Svetlana Molchanova: Interesting performance and the emotional upheaval.
Natalia Terekhova: Really live music.

11. What would you like to demonstrate or show the heavy metal fans from the United States?

Marina Mokretsova: Real Russian rollicking fervor.
Svetlana Molchanova: No one can jump higher than his head If we will feel pleasure, I hope then the others will fill something.
Natalia Terekhova: That our women not only can stop a galloping horse and come into the burning izba*, but they also can be a womanly beautiful rockers!

*(lyrics from the poem Pleasant children of Russian poet Nikolay Nekrasov (1821 1877))

12. Your band name means Free Flight? How does this describe the band?

Svetlana Molchanova: Freedom in life features for all of us, hence, the name is correlated.

13. How would you describe each member of this band?

Svetlana Molchanova: Each of us is good in her own way.
Natalia Terekhova: They all are the particles of the single whole.

14. Is there a special chemistry that goes in this band? How?

Marina Malakhova: We play together for a long while, so on the concerts we take the hint with a glance, band takes as the single organism.
Svetlana Molchanova: Of course, there is sympathy in our band. We respect each other and the people around us.

15. What can people hope for/expect from you in 2014?

Ksenia: Before long we will make happy our fans with a new song.
Svetlana Molchanova: New songs and inflammatory performances.
Natalia Terekhova: Unexpectedness!
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