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An interview of Volnaya Staya for Polish portal Hard Rock Service

An interview of Volnaya Staya for Polish portal Hard Rock Service one of the biggest european resources, devoted to hard & heavy music.
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*** VOLNAYA STAYA Every music is intended both for men and women ***

Hard Rock never dies! I repeat those words every time I discover another interesting yet relatively unknown band. This time not only the music is interesting. I'd bet a majority of the band fans find musicians to be interesting. As a woman, I felt a strong need to talk with those girls. And fortunately they've found the time to answer some of my questions Let me introduce to You: Volnaya Staya!

HARD ROCK SERVICE: There's a common sense that hard rock and heavy metal are naturally designed to be played by men. How did it happen that a group of hot ladies has decided to enter the world fulfilled with masculine hormones?

JULIE MAIN: I think, it is absolutely incorrect conception, every music is intended both for men and women. I always wanted to work in hard style. It is more close to me, than other styles.

MARINA MALAKHOVA: Wait a minute that is you want to say, that only men listen to such music as hard rock and heavy metal? But everybody knows, that it isn't so. Therefore the word designed is out of place here. And if such music is listened by both man and women, why women couldn't play it, if they are musicians to?

HARD ROCK SERVICE: What are your inspirations? What do you favor: music made by ladies or by guys?

MARINA MALAKHOVA: Superb music does my favor.

JULIE MAIN: I like high-quality, nice, pleasant and tasty music. It doesn't depend on author.

XENIA: Nature, children, films, sometimes solitude inspires me Everything depends on my mood! And what about music, I like good-quality, emotional, heartening music. And it is unimportant, who is author man or woman!

HARD ROCK SERVICE: You play a lot of gigs, abroad as well. Does the fact that you sing in Russian have any negative effects?

JULIE MAIN: No, we have no troubles with it. But, of course, we would like to release English-language versions of our albums.

XENIA: For the present there was no negative effects. But we are producing an English-language version of album Staya for our foreign fans. We hope Russian fan would like it too.

MARINA MALAKHOVA: No, we doesn't feel ourselves uneasy. On the contrary it is good, because Russian is our native language.

HARD ROCK SERVICE: Do you want to repeat Arija's success?

MARINA MALAKHOVA: Of course we want to reach success! But who doesn't?

HARD ROCK SERVICE: What about your fans? Who are they? Aren't they surprised when they see hardhitting ladies playing such heavy music?

MARINA MALAKHOVA: An interesting question I think they are such people as others are it is their main description. But if you want to know about surprising it's better to ask themselves.

XENIA: Our fans are the best! Thanks to their support and firm belief we want to work more and more!

JULIE MAIN: Probably they are surprised:) What about our fans I treat them with respect and mutual love:)

HARD ROCK SERVICE: The gigs, recordings etc. probably take a lot of time away from you. Does it disturb your private life in any way?

JULIE MAIN: I aiways can find time for private life.


XENIA: My husband is musician himself, so he thinks about my work in Volnaya Staya with understanding. And he accompanies me at concerts and rehearsals if he has a chance.

HARD ROCK SERVICE: Young bands usually find it hard to record their first album. How did it come that you achieved it so fast?

NATALIE TEREKHOVA: Do you mean problems with hardware, organization or edition? We had no problems neither during recording music in studio nor with releasing our album on CD-MAXIMUM

HARD ROCK SERVICE: As far as i know you've just signed a contract with Dragonight Agency. What does it mean to you and what kind of possibilities have shown up?

XENIA: Yes, we begin to cooperate with Dragonight Agency. We have a lot of ideas, but we don't want to reveal all secrets as yet.

HARD ROCK SERVICE: What do you find to be Volnaya Staya's biggest success and what more would you like to achieve?

MARINA MALAKHOVA: As for me it was performance in Czech Republic

JULIE MAIN: At present I think that our performances in Czech Republic and Estonia were our biggest success. Audience was wonderful! We would like to continue our work likewise and gain love of new fans of course!:)

HARD ROCK SERVICE: What are your plans for close and a distant future?

NATALIE TEREKHOVA: Like plans of all musicians: release of albums, shooting clips, tours. And it would be wonderful to celebrate our tenth anniversary in 2016 with grandiose perfomance.

HARD ROCK SERVICE: Is there anything that you would like to add for your fans in Poland?

NATALIE TEREKHOVA: We wish our fans to get a real pleasure from music. Those, who really like music, dissolve in music and can relax with it, never will try to taste drugs and other harmful kinds of stuff, which cause temporary imperfect deliverance from reality. So, love music. It is your true friend and helper, and it always will respond to your feelings with mutuality.

HARD ROCK SERVICE: Thank you for the interview. We wish you all the best with music business!

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