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Interview Volnaya Staya Cultura em Peso Underground. 25.02.2009

Cultura em Peso Underground
Cultura em Peso Underground

Created for the popularization of underground stage and music, the Cultura portal had begun to work at july 2008.
But main events were some early, when Cremogem published interview and promo materials in the photo log. By the time this log became very popular, and necessary to raise it to the next stage appeared. After year of hard works this project became an independence
and powerful.

Most recently Cremogem came across the Volnaya staya group. It found the band as very interesting and interviewed girls by the first contact.

Volnaya Staya

1 Ksenia Timonina, what do you do to keep this voice so beautiful?

Xenia: Oh, the main task of every singer is to feel the song and bring emotions to the listeners. Somewhere you can cry and bowl, somewhere whisper. It is necessary to try to keep voice various and colorful. All these things make my voice how it is.

2 What is the main reason that five women joined the heavy metal?

Natalie Terekhova: Some words from the history of Volnaya Staya: The our band’s history differs from the histories of many other bands because of Alex Strike our producer and inspirer. The idea of the project is very simple women heavy metal band with professional musicians.
So Alex gathered together best Russian women musicians and called them “Volnaya Staya”. It was not our own idea.

Marina Malakhova: The band begins in a day of our first performance. It was a Change Your Tomorrow fest (on 9th of September, 2006). The idea of our band is to prove, that Russian rock-scene isn’t only for men!

3 What Alexey Strike is for you?

Xenia: It is very interesting to work with him. He is very talented person and he is endowed with a good sense of humor.

Marina Malakhova: I’m very much obliged to him. He has very strong individuality and it is wonderful to work with him. At the same time he is very charming.

Julie Main: I agree with Marina. I never was disappointed in Alexey over all time I know him.

4 What are the influences of the band?

Natalie Terekhova: Different hard rock and hard’n’heavy bands. For example Kiss, Savatage, WASP, Alice Cooper and others.

5 It came a taste for music, the metal and hard rock?

Natalie Terekhova: Oh no! Taste for metal and hard rock is with me for many years. I’ve played in several Russian rock-bands before Volnaya Staya, so hard music is in my life for a long time.

Svetlana Molchanova: No! I’ve played rock and metal music since my early youth! My older brother Igor taught me to play the drums and it results in my playing in many Russian bands, for example “Marquisa” and “Primadonna”. Thus the taste came many years ago.

6 Staya was released in 2007, you can give us details of all the recording process?

Xenia: It was very cheerful and very hard at the same time.

Marina Malakhova: Yes, I agree with Xenia it was splendid time, we did all we could and made wonderful album.

7 Julie Main and Nataliya Terehova, where is the inspiration to create new music?

Julie Main: There is a great amount of ideas and emotions! Almost everything in my life can give me an inspiration for creation: good or bad weather, smile of friend, song of bird and etc.

Natalie Terekhova: I have very many sources of inspiration: communication with my friends and other people, films, music and books. But the main source is communication with girls from the band: we decide together how any part of song will sound, how we can change melody.

8 Quick Answer:
4 national bands:
4 international bands:
1 cd:
1 book:
A sentence:

4 national bands: Volnaya Staya, Catharsis, Janny Radary, Kipelov
4 international bands: Aerosmith, Sixx:.., otley Crue, Bonnie Tyler
1 cd: The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack (Sixx:..)
1 book: The Secret (R. Byrne)
A sentence: Let’s do only one thing be happy at present moment!

Julie Main:
4 national bands: I don’t always listen music of Russian bands, but the best ones are Aria, Master, Nautilus Pompilius, Agatha Cristie. Favorite young bands are Everlost and Subbotah 14.
4 international bands: Pantera, Metallica, Stone Sour, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Black Label Sosiety, Nirvana, Guano Apes, SlipknotI can’t choose only four bands!
1 cd: Pantera Cowboys from hell
1 book: May be I’m not original, but M. Bulgakov Master and Margarita
A sentence: Your happiness is in your hands.

Natalie Terekhova:
4 national bands: August, Tyazhelyi Den, Zodiak, Verasy
4 international bands: W.A.S.P., KISS, Savatage, David Sylvian and Robert Fripp
1 cd: Birtha “Birtha” (1972)
1 book: “Malleus maleficarum” (monks Y. Shprenger and G. Institoris)
A sentence: The future is now! Live it!

Marina Malakhova:
4 national bands: Avtograf, August, Gorky Park, Everlost
4 international bands: W.A.S.P., Mr.Big, Whitesnake, Gotthard
1 cd: Mr.Big Lean into it
1 book: Remarque Triumphal Arch
A sentence: Do everything you want and don’t care about others. Be true to yourself.

Svetlana Molchanova:
4 national bands: Voskresenie, Mashina Vremeni, Nikolay Noskov, Kipelov
4 international bands: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, A-HA, Phil Collins
1 book: M. Bulgakov Master and Margarita
A sentence: Life is beautiful!

9 What can you tell us of festivals in Russia? They have an appropriate structure?

Natalie Terekhova: Different fests have different organization of course. For example such festivals as “Change Your Tomorrow” or “Glory to Russia! Glory to Moscow!” are organized very professionally.

10 Currently working on the band's second album, you can tell us the news of the album?

Natalie Terekhova: No, we don’t want to speak about the album before it’s release. I can say, that sound will be more hard and aggressive.

11 What the band has to be the biggest dream realized?

Julie Main: May be it is trite, but all our important dreams are not realized yet. We want to create make music, play shows and etc. It is our biggest dream.

12 What is the recipe to keep so much beauty in the show? During a tour which is more complicated?

Natalie Terekhova: I only need a bathroom in a hotel to feel myself comfortably.

Marina Malakhova: To tell the truth I can’t keep my beauty)))

Svetlana Molchanova: I have a secret!

Xenia: Anaplastic surgery work miracles!

Julie Main: Woman must look well always and everywhere:-) What’s about tours? Nothing special the same small women’s secrets:-)

13 Message from the band?

Marina Malakhova: I wish you more rock in your lives!

Svetlana Molchanova: Love each other!

Xenia: If you want to be OK, drink whiskey every day!!!!!!!!!

Natalie Terekhova: Let your wishes be shocked of your potentialities!

Julie Main: Great amounts of positive stuff, drive and the best mood than you could do everything! And I wish you love, of course;-) *-)

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