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Technical rider (Concert Specification) on-line

Technical rider of Volynaya Staya group.

In for the quality reproduction, and to prevent of the conflicts, we strongly recommend for you to learn the conditions of the Technical Rider. Organizer is not free of response, if he doesn't understand the points of the Technical Rider. When the Organizer has no possibility to observe some of the conditions he MUST report on this to the group manager BEFORE THE ACTION!

Stage. The construction of the stage must be absolutely stability in the conditions of action movement of the crew members. It also must process a big cargo-carrying capacity to bear weight of sound and light equipment. The surface must been flats and clean. Hanging equipment must been strongly bolted, Reliable isolated electric lines must been attached to the carrying elements of construction by all their length. Light devices must been completed of the nets, in for prevent the pouring of the splinter when light source will be broken.
All the equipment must been fully connected, powered and working.
It's nice for us, to see on the stage the experienced sound engineer and the technicians.
Successfully sound check requires minimum one hour (when all devices are connected and all stage personal is ready). Before the end of sound check entry of the spectators into the hall like the presence of the stranger are inadmissible!!! (even if sound check is pro longed by incidental circumstances).
Net voltage 210Volts minimum, and EARTH LINE!
Rain cover (if action is on the open air)!

Our Crew:

  1. Vocal (Free vocalist)
  2. Bass guitar, back vocal
  3. Guitar, back vocal
  4. Guitar
  5. Drums

Drum Machine:

DW, PACIFIC, TAMA, PEARL, YAMAHA [ 22", 10", 12", 14" tom ].
Hi-hat rack with the lock for hats, snare-drum rack, 3 hat racks, drum throne, montage key, sticky tape. There must been: reserve snare-drum and reserve bass pedal on the stage. There must been rubber rug under the drums. Or Kovrolin cover with sizes of 2,5m 3m (to prevent sliding).
The microphone complex: 5 dynamic and 3 condenser microphones, with the quality of SHURE, AKG or higher on the crane racks.
All plastics on the drums must be excellent!

Bass Device:
Cabinet -Bass-guitar (Ampeg, Fender BXR-300, Hartke) Power 300W min.

Guitar Device Two guitars!:
Cabinets Marshall JCM 800, 900, 2000, Randall, Mesa/Boogie, Crate Blue Woodoo, ENGL
Obligatory Condition having input RETURN on the face cover.

Leader-vocal: Vocal radio-microphone SHURE, or Sennheiser
Backing vocals: Vocal microphones SHURE SM 58S type or like them on the crane racks in amount 2 pieces.

Instrumental racks: Guitar racks in amount 3 pieces.

Power supplement - The net of 220V voltage (Look at the plan of the stage)

Number of mn channels 24 minimum;
Presence of 4 bands EQ (min) with 2 parametric range controls;
Number of AUX SENDS 6, with the switch of pre and post
Number of sub-groups 4 mono (or 2 stereo) (12 Drums, 34 Back Vocals).

Monitor lines and the Shooters:
I. Number of the monitor lines 4 each completed with 15-bang graphic EQ (they can be on the stage):
1-st line Leader Vocal 2 (two) monitors;
2-nd line Bass guitar 2 (two) monitors;
3-rd line Guitar 2 (two) monitors;
4-th line Drums 2 (two) monitors.
Summary number of the monitors 8 (eight), Power of each is 400W RMS

II. Number of the Shooters 2. (One on each side) Power of each is 1500W RMS (minimum). Each completed with 15-bang graphic EQ (they can be on the stage)

Sound engineer equipment:

  1. Mixers ALLEN & HEATH 2200, 3300, or similar (SOUNDCRAFT, YAMAHA, MIDAS) 24 channels, 6 (4) aux-buses (2 buses for effects, rest to the monitors).
  2. Compressor-gate dBX, ART, DRAWMER, or similar 4 pieces.
  3. 2 Sound processors (one of them with digital delay 700 ms or more).
  4. 1 Precision graphic equalizer.
  5. Graphic 31 band equalizer in each monitor line.
  6. Work place must been illuminated.
  7. MIXERS (FOH) must been installed in work-suitable place.
  8. It is greeted having the splitter and the monitor board with needful options, and monitoring engineer on the stage.

Reserve Batteries Krona, Energizer, Duracell.

This information is for maintenance guys:
We are very serious girls and working only living.

If you have questions, call to the manager of Volynaya Staya group
Alexei Strike
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The plan of the stage

Concert Specification

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