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Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya

Xenia vocals

Full name: Timonina Xenia Yourievna.

Born place and date: Vladivostok, Russia, September, 22

Childhood dream: To be a police officer

Which man you'll be nice to meet: Elvis

Could you leave the scene for 3 years if you have a child? Absolutely not. I always liked expectant girl-singers on the stage! It's very nice! Only small pause will possible.

What is your alternative choose if there's no music? I can be a stylist or designer I think.

How long there's music in your life? Since I was performed 7 years. I spent to the music school and very loved it.

Your favorite season: Summer and winter

Your pets: Black hung-ear cat

Bad habits: Sometimes I'm drinking and smoking

Attitude to drugs: Filth! There's no better than Whiskey!!!

Favorite dish: Borsch

Favorite animal: The cats and the dogs

Favorite city (state): Many Kaliningrad, Krakov, Praha, Tallin (want to return there again!)

Hobby: The Cooking

Favorite drink: Dark beer or Whiskey with the juice. From non-alcohol The tea with the milk

You spend your time Very merrily!

Favorite movie: A green mile

Fan relations: Like my friends!

How you like Alexey Strike: Like my older brother! He's very talent and interesting man!

Your favorite type of men: My favorite type of men is bass player of Catharsis!

What are your fears? I'm afraid of nerve-racking death.

Your life credo: Take it all!

The main privilege of the men: honest

Your wish for fans: Live your life, to amaze your grandchildren!

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