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Natalie Terekhova guitar

Full name: Terekhova Natalie Andreevna

Date and place of born: july 7-th 1967 Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Education: Higher. National Economic Institute (Almaty). Speciality: Automated Control Systems and Mechanized Echonomical Information Processings, everning form of education. Learning time 6 years. Also finished extra-mural courses in University Of National Arts (Moscow, 2 years). Speciality: Musical Theory.

Childhood dream: to be ornithologist.

Hobby: Web-mastering.

Perfect time: Summer.

Pets: Pooks The Hamster.

Favorite Drink: Mango Juice.

My Symbol: The Bat.

My Guitars: Jackson Professional (Japan, '96); Fresher (Japan,); Epiphone USA Pro (USA).

Concert Equipment: Hughes & Kettner TubeMan, Boss Reverb/Delay RV-3, Boss Noise Supressor NS-2, Trio (Moscow) Stereo Chorus.

Music Favorites: genres Hard'n'heavy, Art Rock, Sympho-rock, Rock'n'roll.

Vocalists and groups: Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.), Glenn Hughes, Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes); Noddy Holder (Slade), Brian Connolly (Sweet), Jon Oliva (Savatage), Talisman, Huey Lewis and The News.

Russian Favorites: Vocals Vladimir Bazhin (Tyazholiy den), Guitarists Michael Kassirov (ex. Va-Bank), Oleg Mishin (Catharsis, ex. End Zone), Alexey Strike (Master).

Favorite guitar sound: Brian May, Gary Moore.

Favorite guitar form: B. C. Rich Mockingbird.

Favorite equipment: guitars Jackson, Gibson, Fender, basses Warwick, Rickenbacker, keyboards Hammond, processors t.c. electronic, guitar effects Trio, Hughes & Kettner, strings GHS strings Boomers (946; 948; 10-52), Jacks Neutrik, Machines Floyd Rose, Coils DiMarzio, Racks Proel, Covers Mixam (Moscow), Mediators Jim Dunlop USA Gator (crocodile) 2.00 mm (Want see me happy present it to me!).

I Don't like:
To paint My Eyes (both equally) and then wash the face!
To paint my finger nails,
To be Ill.

I Like:
To looking the world at the road, To be in silence,
Little animals,
To look at stars,
To meet smart people.

My side projects: Magic group, Juice the singer.

Fan relations: With true respect!

Natalie Terekhova

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