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Malakhova Marina — bass-guitar

Full name: Malakhova Marina Anatolievna

Born place and date: Dzerzhinskiy, (Moscow Region), July, 10

Education: Higher, I Finished Russian State Technical University s.n. Tsiolkovskiy

Childhood dream: So many dreams, so many ways!

My Instrument: Fender Precision Bass'79

Strings: DR Hi Beam 45–105

Favorite Groups:
Foreign: Mr.Big, Whitesnake, WASP, Gotthard, Ark, KISS, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Richie Sambora, Queen, Europe, AC/DC, Vixen, Skid Row;
Russian: Autograph, August…

Favorite season: Summer

My Pets: The Cat

Addictions: No smoke, but Like To drink with good friends

Favorite drink: Good dark beer and red vine

I spend my free time in… I Have no free time!

My position in the question of drugs: I don't Understand it

What is priory in the concert — to play correctly or to make the show from the playing?: Correctly playing in the limits of show!

«Who» is the guitar for you: He or she? Guitar is SHE, Bass — is HE!

My Faith: I believe than «It's gonnna right!»

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